What We Do

As a fully insured residential maintenance company, we specialize in routine safety/maintenance inspections  and repairs of your home.  

Through training and experience we have become an outstanding organization that provides a valuable service to the Outer Banks. 

We identify a wide range of maintenance and safety issues and we want to make sure that any minor maintenance issue doesn't turn into major repairs. 

Our inspections consist of walking the exterior of the property determining issues like leaks around doors or windows or even wasp nests under the deck. While surveying the exterior we check each door and window for functionality and fit. Any abnormalities are properly documented and reported to the authorities, management company and/or owner. NBCS LLC can access Carova 4x4 homes regardless of beach conditions. 

We also provide free estimates and are now available 24/7


We know that many residential properties are managed by rental companies. We are meant to work alongside your management company to check on your homes more often to deter loss, and prevent damages.

In the winter months, it is understood that management companies check on your home once a month. North Beach Courtesy Services LLC checks on your home at least twice a week year-round to catch the minor issues early and major issues faster. 

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